The Gift Arena appeal booklet

Hermes Trust Gift Arena 2008

Once a year, Hermes produces a booklet called the Gift Arena which features appeals from anthroposophical projects in the UK and Ireland that are seeking donations or soft loans. The booklet is mailed out to about 1,300 addresses, usually with New View magazine. The aim of the Gift Arena is:

  • to enable projects based on anthroposophy to communicate their need for gift money or other financial assistance to members / friends of the anthroposophical movement in the UK and Ireland;
  • to enable such members / friends as might be interested, and able, to choose which projects to support, having seen a range of anthroposophical activities around the country;

If you would like to submit an entry, please contact us for registration cost and a list of the latest rules of entry. Similarly, if you would like a copy of the latest Gift Arena booklet, do let us have your name and address and we will be happy to post you a copy.